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Quantum Safe Data Management

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TQT is a modern, post COVID hybrid technology solution provider. Developed from the four unique backgrounds of the directors.

TQT brings to the marketplace bespoke technology solutions to clients to service their needs in an emerging and diverse business space.

Primarily concerned with risk mitigation TQT looks to identify new and existing products but offers them in a unique way to clients.

TQT looks to innovate and seeks like-minded individuals/companies to drive this market space forward.

TQT identifies and promotes new technology solutions for an everchanging, evolving market. TQT primarily concentrates on risk mitigation through security solutions, however there are several areas and opportunities that TQT are keen to exploit. TQT is a dynamic, small, bespoke company operating a nimble position within the marketplace.

What We’re Offering

Products & Solutions

Training & Education

TQT Group is a provider of Cyber Security and software training Courses. We have helped improve and enhance staff skills and compliance.

User Password & Security

The ultimate enterprise password management experience

Quantum Safe Data Management

Post Quantum Safe encryption tools. Seamlessly configure digital rights management rules for an additional layers of security.

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