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There are many software solution providers and many security companies that offer risk mitigation. Only TQT works in a synergistic way combining both elements having engaged and listened to client needs. TQT works on the principles of valuing and listening to client needs and servicing those needs, not identifying and offering products that are not in clients’ immediate best interests. TQT values relationships and strives to engage and build strong relationships with clients to endeavour to become the clients go to solution provider. This process obviously takes time to develop the relationship, however TQT is not a company that operates on quick win solutions, more it is about understanding the client and their needs and ensuring at all times TQT provides what is best for the client. TQT values and supports relationships, so becoming a TQT partner means you will be given the same level of support, importance and assistance that is given to clients. TQT will provide access to a portfolio of solutions through the partner development programme and this will enable you to develop your business offering innovative products.

        TQT GROUP

Step 1

An expression of interest through the completion of the TQT contact form and emailing this to TQT.

Step 2

TQT will acknowledge and respond with an initial conversation around your aspirations and what you feel you are able to achieve going forward working with TQT. This process is to see how you fit within the TQT network and whether we would be a good fit for you.

Step 3

The formal process of on-boarding you into the TQT group will comprise some basic due diligence and open-source checks regarding you as an individual and you as a company. TQT is looking for resilient innovative partners that it can build and develop a strong working relationship with. This will be confidential and we will help you with this part of the process.

Step 4

Each application will be viewed and discussed individually depending on the circumstances presented.

Step 5

If TQT feel you are not the right fit going forward, we will outline exactly why and whether you should reapply in the future – just at this moment in time the fit with TQT wasn’t right.

Final Step

TQT recognises that time is the most valuable commodity and the decision making process will be expedited quickly, so you can be assured should you be successful there is no delay in on boarding you.

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