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Michelle Levy

Michelle Levy

Michelle Levy is an industry leading operator, with over 35 years’ experience in the income protection (IP) Group Income Protection (GIP) market. She has become something of a subject matter expert in her field, or the “go to” person for dealing with both IP (individual protection), GIP (group protection) and Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs). Michelle’s major skill set focuses on the ability to effectively communicate across the wide demographic and liaise with small medium enterprises SME’s and large corporates. Then, being able to match the agreed, identified solution to suit the specific needs of the client base, be it large or small. Michelle has developed a team of highly motivated and professional contractors who have been trained in working to the guidelines and ethos of what Michelle strives for. Uniquely, she has retained many of these professional contractors, from their initiation, and still uses them today, with many of them still working with Michelle for what is now over 35 years. Michelle is continually innovating and looking for cutting edge, industry leading, bespoke products, or solutions to prevent stagnation in the market and a poorer service to clients. Michelle continues to be driven, seeking the next challenge to further develop herself and those around her. She currently occupies a unique space within her industry as the “go to” person for difficult and complex cases. Over the last 5 years, the complexity of the cases she deals with has increased markedly. It is a testament to the high regard she is held by her clients who are actively encouraged to call and physically speak to her, regarding complex cases. Her unique personal approach has been the mainstay of the success of Michelle and her company MSL, a particular quote is “Happy Clients make pay days happen” Over the years, Michelle has forged and developed personal contacts with those career focused individuals in the industry, which now enables her to have the ability to engage personally with those now senior managers within the industry. Her opinions and recommendations are regularly sought, and the majority of her time is spent working through technical, complex cases with those same senior managers.


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