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Profile – Paul Clarke

Profile – Paul Clarke

Paul is an accomplished consultant with an extensive background in security spanning over 45 years, including 30 years in the Metropolitan Police. He successfully coordinated multiple armed protection operations in the UK and overseas and was instrumental in the delivery of national and international close protection of British Government VIPs, dignitaries, and other high-profile individuals at risk of terrorist attack, in both overt and covert contexts. Since retiring he has successfully run his own company and displays strong analytical skills, in particular, planning and organisation – as well as the establishment of high standards and cost-effectiveness in project work. He has been central in delivering national, international as well as high-level corporate and government projects. He specialises in the management and development of solutions that deliver corporate objectives, together with the formulation of related risk assessments, policies, and bespoke training.

He has a national and international personal network of recognised subject matter experts to call upon and a very well recognised LinkedIn network.LinkedIn Logo


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